Importance of Mental Health in Children

Children Playing in a Park
Parents are often diligent about the physical health of their children and their school work. They ensure their kids get nutritious meals, regular check-ups, study properly and even enjoy fun activities. However, not many parents focus on the mental health of children.

It is often overlooked as people assume kids don’t have much to worry about. However, that is not the case. The mental health of a child is as crucial as their physical health because it can impact all areas of their life.

Let’s have a closer look.

Mental Health Risk Factors

Multiple risk factors increase the chances of stress among children. Here are some of them:

  • Experiencing educational difficulties frequently
  • Experiencing discrimination based on religion, sexuality, or race
  • Living in poverty
  • Constant stress about doing better academically
  • Being sexually or physically abused or bullied
  • Experiencing their parents going through a divorce or separation
  • Experiencing the death of a close one
  • Having an adult with mental issues or drug problems
  • Experiencing physical illness

These are some of the factors that could increase the risk of a child suffering from mental health issues.

Factors That Enhance the Mental Health of Children

Good mental health enables the children to handle problems and challenges properly and develop a healthy coping mechanism. Things that help enhance their mental health include:

  • Participating in local activities
  • Going to a good school
  • Being around supportive friends and family members
  • Taking part in sports or staying active
  • Enjoying a balanced diet
  • Having a creative or fun hobby
  • Having open communication at home and school

It is essential that your child:

  • Feels safe, valued, understood, trusted, and loved
  • Is optimistic and hopeful
  • Is happy with who they are
  • Has the strength and resilience to handle challenges
  • Is not afraid to ask for help

It is essential to teach them healthy ways to cope and show them that you can help them out. Always be proactive when it comes to your kid’s mental health. Early interventions can do wonders for not just physical issues but also mental issues.


Raising happy and healthy children is every parent’s dream, but it can prove challenging in this highly competitive, technology-driven, and fast-paced world. The stress of being good at studies, being accepted by peers, and other uncertainties can take a toll on your child’s mental health. Talk to their teachers and make sure they are doing well.

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