Kennesaw Vacation Camps

Our vacartion camp kids are setting up a tent on the nature trail at Mt. Elizabeth Academy in Kennesaw, Georgia.

Mt. Elizabeth Academy offers very popular school vacation camps and summer camps in Kennesaw, Georgia for children ages 6 – 12 years. Each experience provides students a week-long, hands-on day camp filled with fun, activities, and challenges. We explore our weekly themes using fun, engaging and challenging activities. Each week we will introduce a different theme and explore the subject through games and activities. We spend a lot of time outdoors and if the weather does not cooperate, we still work off some energy in our indoor multi-purpose space.


  • Summer Camp:
    • Camp: $170/week including breakfast, lunch and activities. (8:30 to 2:30)
    • Aftercare $95/week including snack (2:30 to 6:30)

*$100 registration fee guarantees a child a spot for the entire summer. You can choose as few or as many weeks as you like once you have paid the registration fee.

2021 Weekly Themes:

Circus camp is a fun 2 day camp experience designed to introduce children to circus performing, balloon arts, face painting, unicycling, juggling, and an introduction to visual arts in a safe and non-competitive environment through improv acting! Camp includes breakfast, lunch, and an afternoon snack. (The fee for this 2 day camp is $85)

This hands-on camp will allow students to use problem-solving skills to plan, build, and construct an outdoor teaching space for Mt. Elizabeth’s Outdoor Garden Classroom. We will build a garden tool bench, paint a flower mural for our outdoor garden that will be displayed for years to come. Students will also learn all about gardening as they play in the dirt to plant flowers and vegetables! The week will conclude with creating a garden art project that they will take home to display. Campers will need to dress comfortably, wear closed toe shoes, and sunscreen. Camp Includes breakfast, lunch, and an afternoon snack.

Campers will learn veterinarian sciences and zoology as well as have face to face encounters with different types of animals during this awesome week at camp! Campers will study the differences between animal groups, animal teeth, and animal diets: carnivores, omnivores, and herbivores. Oh My! Basic knowledge about the function of different types of teeth and how that determines what certain animals eat! This camp includes an in-house field trip of a Petting Zoo! Camp Includes breakfast, lunch, and an afternoon snack.

This incredible outdoor camp will be held in Mt. Elizabeth’s outdoor classrooms and hiking trails and will require a signed permission slip to attend. Campers will get to experience archery, nature conservation, learn outdoor living and survival skills, build lifesize forts or teepees, cook s’mores on the campfire, and experience nature up close during the week of Adventure Outdoor Camp! Students will need to dress comfortably with close toed shoes and wear sunscreen. Camp Includes breakfast, lunch, and an afternoon snack.

Insects are the most abundant animals on earth! Students will spend their days utilizing the scientific method as they research, learn, and experiment with insects and their environments. Students will learn about how insects communicate, the difference between nocturnal and diurnal insects, and through a variety of hands-on activities and interactive in house field trips, students will learn how amazing invaluable bugs truly are! Campers will gain experience with science in the field and the classroom and will come away with an understanding of the important relation between humans and insects. Bugs are eaten in other cultures as a part of their daily nutrition. Baked crickets will be offered as a unique experience for students to taste if they would like. Camp includes breakfast, lunch, and an afternoon snack that is bug free!

Come to camp dressed up as your favorite Disney characters during this week of Disney themed camp! Campers will enjoy a daily Disney movie time with their choice of popcorn & fruit snack, followed by Disney themed games, arts & crafts, and a daily parade! The camp week will end with a Cinderella Ball for both boys and girls! Camp includes breakfast, lunch, and an afternoon snack.

Campers will reach deep into their creative pockets in pottery and ceramic camp. Mt. Elizabeth’s pottery and ceramic camp is a unique opportunity for children to work as actual artists and get to experience creating their own unique pottery and ceramic pieces using several hand building methods and painting a ceramic piece. Students will unleash their imaginations to create wonderful works of art and enjoy taking home their masterpieces at the end of camp. This camp experience will be taught by one of our very own Mt. Elizabeth teachers who majored in Fine Arts and is a very talented clay artist!
Camp includes breakfast, lunch, and an afternoon snack.

Introduce your child to the world of music beyond what they just hear on the radio. Music exploration camp will be an opportunity for your child to be introduced to multiple genres of music including opera, jazz, folklore music, and many other genres. Campers will begin each day with an artistic expression to a unique piece of music. listening to how the music makes them feel and expressing that through use of different art medias such as canvas painting or clay. Every day students will learn about amazing and unique composers and the lives they lived followed by a fun game or activity that coincides with what they learned. Camps get the opportunity to learn the recorder as one of their first musical instruments. The camp will end with a live concert for parents to attend! Camp includes breakfast, lunch, and an afternoon snack.

Enjoy a trip around the world from the comfort of Mt. Elizabeth Academy! Students will visit five different countries through their week around the world. Campers will have the unique opportunity to cook and taste unique native foods from each country they study. Campers will learn simple phrases in the native language of that country and will be using them all throughout the day as they interact with each other. A variety of student games, toys, and crafts unique to each country they study will be a part of each camper’s trip around the world! Camp includes breakfast, lunch, and an afternoon snack.

Mt. Elizabeth invites campers to embrace a culture of team development through stretching, challenging, and exercising their thinking abilities through icebreakers, acts of kindness, and team work competitions. This week will be filled with games and team building activities which will strengthen reasoning skills, cooperative learning, flexibility and hands-on problem-solving activities and games. Character development that is drawn from the camaraderie of a light-hearted day of icebreaker games that get everyone amped up for healthy competition and team spirit! Campers will end their summer with tons of fun in Team Building Camp! Camp includes breakfast, lunch, and an afternoon snack.

Kennesaw Christian Daycare

Our Goals

  • Engaging science concepts that inspire curiosity, creative thinking, and the love of learning
  • Well-designed applied learning activities that provide students the opportunity to apply knowledge learned through exciting hands-on challenges
  • Fun outdoor time on our nature trail and playgrounds
  • Art and creative activities