Safety Statement

Mt. Elizabeth Academy

Safety Statement

Here at Mt. Elizabeth Academy, we understand that entrusting your children to the care of others is a serious decision and one that parents do not take lightly. We continue to strive to ensure our families feel comfortable leaving their children in our care.

We regularly and systematically clean and sanitize our outdoor play areas and classrooms. Since Covid-19, we have increased our cleaning routines to more thoroughly disinfect and wipe down all areas using non-toxic cleaning supplies. In addition to using approved sanitizing and cleaning agents several times per day, we also disinfect all classrooms and play equipment with our medical-grade sanitizing wand, the Protexus Electrostatic Sprayer.

Students in each class have meals and snacks within their classroom. This limits the amount cross-classroom interaction. Every classroom in our center has its own bathroom, also limiting the amount of cross-classroom interaction. Handwashing activities throughout the day are included for each of our classrooms to ensure that the children’s hands are being regularly cleaned.

We are devoted to keeping our children, staff, and families safe.

Regards and blessings,
Ann and Rob

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