Frequently Asked Questions

Can I visit the school?

Absolutely! We love to have visitors and make new friends. Schedule an appointment today.


Where is the school campus located?

We are located at 3450 Stilesboro Road in Kennesaw, Georgia.


How much is school tuition?

Our tuition is competitive when compared to other programs in the area, however, we have a unique, all-inclusive model. Lunch, activities, and classes are included in our rates, creating excellent value. With Mt. Elizabeth Academy, what you see is what you get.


What is your curriculum?

Mt. Elizabeth Academy provides an exclusive curriculum, guided by current research and developed by our staff as leaders in the area of early learning education: a play-based curriculum including faith, STEM, and on-site nature components. The faith-based component of our curriculum is based on, “The Gospel Project.”


What ages do you serve?

6 weeks to 5 years (Infants to Pre-K) and After School Programs (ASP) for school-age children 5 – 12 years. We pick up from local schools for ASP.


What are your hours?

6:30 am-6:30 pm, 5 days a week.


Is this a faith-based academy?

Yes, our Bible teachers teach Christian non-denominational based themes weekly. Our bible curriculum is based on the highly regarded, “Gospel Project”.


Who is the Director and what are her credentials?

The owner/onsite Executive Director is Ann Godley.  She has a Master’s degree in Education and has been an early childhood teacher and administrator for over 20 years. Our Center Director is Carolyn Colon, a highly regarded early learning expert and a former consultant in the early learning industry.

Do you offer Georgia Pre-K?

We offer Private Pre-K at a 15:1 ratio. In addition, we offer Georgia Pre-K. Our current students have priority when filling seats for Georgia Pre-K.


Do you have a sibling discount?

Yes, 10% discount on tuition for the oldest sibling, if both children are enrolled full time.


Is there an application fee?

You can apply to the school for free.  Once you have been accepted there is a $165 fee to hold the place for your child. There is no registration fee for Georgia Pre-K classes.


Do you have an After School Program?

Yes, we have a van that picks up children (6-12 years old) from local schools.  Some of the after-school programs include- homework help, playtime, School of Fine Arts- instrumental and vocal lessons.


What should I know about the food program?

Food is catered from a local company called Chef Advantage. Food is prepared daily. All vegetables are raw or steamed, never canned.  No high fructose corn syrup, MSG, Trans Fat or Artificial Sweeteners.


Do you have a Mommy’s Day Out?

We do not offer a drop off service. Currently, we offer 3 & 5-day programs.


Can I bring my child part-time?

We offer 3 days and 5 days a week. In some special circumstances, we offer 2 days/week.


Do you have security?

Yes, we have 22 HD security cameras on-site, keypad entry, and magnetic locking doors. All teachers are background checked and fingerprinted and all visitors are screened and escorted during their stay.