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M-F 6:30 AM to 6:00 PM
Ages 6 weeks to 14 months

Welcome to the Mt. Elizabeth Academy Infant Program—a nurturing and faith-based environment committed to the comprehensive development of your precious little ones. As a Christian daycare in Kennesaw, Georgia, we understand the importance of laying a strong foundation for your baby’s growth and well-being. Our faith-based childcare approach emphasizes the holistic development of infants. We prioritize the refinement of their five senses, the introduction of sign language, and the cultivation of both fine and gross motor skills. Our dedicated teachers create an environment where your baby can thrive socially, fostering meaningful connections with fellow little ones.

Our infant rooms focus on:

Songs & Sign Language

Oral Language


Motor Skills

Sensory Skills


Infant Room Highlights

During engaging Circle Time sessions, Mt. Elizabeth Babies have the opportunity to socialize and participate in activities that contribute to their cognitive and social development. We integrate baby sign language into daily routines, promoting self-esteem and confidence in our youngest learners. Through interactive play, songs, fingerplays, and sensory-building activities, our infants are consistently immersed in enriching experiences.

Our caregivers are more than teachers—they are nurturing companions committed to providing a safe and loving atmosphere for your baby. The thematic focus of our curriculum offers diverse opportunities for your child to absorb information, explore their five senses, and develop both physically and mentally. To support our high standards, we provide our teachers with continuous professional development and access to top-quality instructional materials.

At Mt. Elizabeth Academy Kennesaw, we understand the importance of keeping parents connected with their little ones throughout the day. Using the secure Brightwheel App, we share moments of joy with you through pictures, videos, and messages from our teachers. Witnessing your baby’s journey in our loving, caring, and supportive environment brings peace of mind and joy to our parents.

Choose Mt. Elizabeth Academy for a Christian preschool in Kennesaw that goes beyond childcare—it’s a place where faith, learning, and love converge to create a foundation for a lifetime of growth and happiness.

The Infant Room

Step into the nurturing environment at Mt. Elizabeth Academy, where our infant room is thoughtfully designed to replicate a cozy home atmosphere. Equipped with cribs, age-appropriate toys, bouncers, high chairs, and rocking chairs, our room is crafted to provide a comforting and secure space for your little one.

To personalize the experience, each child is assigned their own cubby for personal items, creating a sense of familiarity and organization. As parents, you play a vital role in your child’s routine by providing bottles (formula or breast milk), diapers, wipes, and extra clothes, ensuring that your baby feels at ease with the essentials from home.

As your little one takes steps toward transitioning from baby food and purees to “real” food, our dedicated team steps in to provide a seamless and nutritious experience. We offer wholesome and healthy meals, supporting your baby’s developmental journey with a menu designed for their growing needs.

At Mt. Elizabeth Academy, we believe in creating a second home for your child—a place where they can explore, learn, and grow in a warm and secure environment. Join us in building a foundation for a lifetime of well-being and happiness.

Mt. Elizabeth Benefits

We are a Christian, faith-based private school. Specials included with tuition: