Private Kindergarten

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Private Kindergarten

M-F 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM
(ASP fees apply for students who stay after 4:00 PM)
Ages 5yrs-6yrs

Welcome to Mt. Elizabeth Academy’s esteemed Private Kindergarten STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math) Program – an unparalleled Christian daycare center in Kennesaw that proudly stands as the best Private Kindergarten in the region.

Our Private Kindergarten is a vibrant space where formal learning takes on a dynamic form. It’s a year filled with not just academic growth but also the joy of making new friends and, of course, plenty of fun! Grounded in a theme-based, whole-child approach, we delve into the basics of literacy and math, showcasing the interconnected beauty of math, science, reading, and writing.

Our Kindergarten class is perfect for students who are experienced learners and are ready to focus on developing the foundation of their education. While we have fun during the day, our Private Kindergarten class is structured and organized with a strong literacy and math focus. Students will focus on the key areas of:

Private Kindergarten focuses on:

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Private Kindergarten

Days in our Private Kindergarten overflow with captivating stories, letters, phonics, numbers, and a medley of engaging activities. From imaginative art projects to delving into science topics, and mastering writing skills to embracing pre-reading and phonics, our structured yet enjoyable approach sets the stage for comprehensive learning.

Perfect for experienced learners ready to focus on building the foundation of their education, our Private Kindergarten is an organized and structured class with a robust literacy and math focus. Our goal is for Mt. Elizabeth Academy Kindergarten students to emerge with a profound sense of independence, fully prepared to venture into 1st Grade. Armed with both academic and social tools, they continue to thrive in a formal education setting.

Our commitment to creating adventure and exploration through our environment and curriculum fosters creativity and critical thinking, engaging children in learning and helping them make sense of their world. Every Kindergarten child is celebrated as a capable and competent community member, their voices heard, and their growth respected.

In our nurturing environment, respect, tolerance, and acceptance are paramount to personal growth. We guide children to accept successes and failures, fostering communication and negotiation skills. Our caring and committed certified educators create a safe, engaging, and loving environment for students. Thematic focus in the curriculum ensures multiple opportunities for exploration, information absorption, and holistic growth.

Parents stay actively connected through our secure Brightwheel App, receiving pictures, videos, and messages, ensuring they witness their child’s day in our loving, caring, and supportive environment.

As part of our commitment to overall well-being, a healthy and nutritious lunch, along with two snacks, is included in the cost of tuition. Our monthly menu, available online, ensures transparency. Students enjoy meals family-style with friends, fostering social interactions. Whole milk and water complement these delightful culinary moments.

Choose Mt. Elizabeth Academy’s Private Kindergarten for an immersive STEAM education, where faith, learning, and love converge, creating a foundation for a lifetime of curiosity, exploration, and success.

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Kindergarten Room

Step into the heartwarming haven of our Kindergarten room at Mt. Elizabeth Academy, where every corner is thoughtfully crafted with your child’s joy and growth in mind. Imagine Kindergarten-sized tables and chairs inviting young learners to embark on a journey of discovery, surrounded by the comfort of soft pillows nestled in enchanting book corners. Shelves adorned with age-appropriate toys and engaging academic and sensory activities create a space where curiosity takes flight.

In this nurturing environment, each child is greeted by their very own cubby, a special spot for personal treasures, alongside a naptime cot dressed in a snug sheet. To ensure a seamless and comfortable experience, parents play a vital role, providing water bottles and extra clothes as needed.

Our Kindergarten room is more than just a room—it’s a magical realm of exploration. Tailored reading, math, science & sensory, and pretend play learning centers cater specifically to the whimsical wonders of Kindergarteners. The room features a bathroom with appropriately sized facilities, promoting independence, and a door leading to the outdoor playground for easy access to our beautiful outdoor space.

At Mt. Elizabeth Academy, our Kindergarten room is a warm invitation to a world of learning, laughter, and love—a place where each child’s unique journey is celebrated and nurtured.

Mt. Elizabeth Benefits

We are a Christian, faith-based private school. Specials included with tuition: