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About Mt. Elizabeth Academy

Early Learning Guided by a Higher Power

Welcome to Mt. Elizabeth Academy, your premier choice for Christian childcare in the heart of Kennesaw, Georgia. As the best daycare in Kennesaw, we take pride in offering affordable Christian childcare that goes beyond the ordinary. Our esteemed institution, led by master educators, is Quality Rated, ensuring a top-tier early learning experience that seamlessly integrates play-based learning, STEM, and fine arts.

At Mt. Elizabeth Academy, we specialize in Christian early childhood education, nurturing the minds of our young learners with a meticulously crafted curriculum and unparalleled childcare services. Recognizing the sacred nature of a child’s journey through play, exploration, and creation, we provide an environment that fosters and encourages these endeavors, setting the stage for a bright future.

Our commitment extends beyond the classroom to effective communication with parents. Utilizing cutting-edge preschool parent communication technology, Brightwheel, we keep you seamlessly connected throughout your child’s day. With real-time updates on meals, naps, diaper changes, and engaging activities through exclusive photos and videos, you can be assured that your child is thriving under our care.

Discover the excellence of Mt. Elizabeth Academy, where we celebrate and support every child’s unique path to learning and growth.

Mt. Elizabeth At-A-Glance

Mt. Elizabeth Academy’s focus on good citizenship integrates Appreciation, Enthusiasm, Cooperation, Creativity, Confidence, Curiosity, Integrity, Empathy, Independence, and Respect. This prepares your children for their brightest future.

Kennesaw GA Christian Daycare

Families who choose us have important priorities for their children’s education:

  1. A focus on research-based, age-appropriate learning
  2. A desire for a faith-based experience
  3. A commitment to fine arts
  4. A commitment to daily play and physical activity
  5. A desire to be a part of a greater community
  6. An expectation of committed, experienced and specialized leadership team
  7. Individualized and personalized experiences.