Improving Social Skills of Young Children

Three Girls Sitting Together
Social skills can help your children interact with their surroundings and are critical in their overall happiness and success. While social skills come naturally to some children, they can be difficult for many of them.

Whether your kid hesitates in socializing or is good at it, enhancing social skills is significant for their future. Helping your kids effectively communicate can be a challenging task for many parents.

Here are some tips to improve the social skills of children:

Teach Empathy

When your child has a better understanding of how others feel, it will help them connect more easily with others to form stronger bonds. You can talk to your child about different scenarios and situations to teach them empathy.

One of the significant parts of teaching children empathy is to help them learn how to be good listeners. This means focusing on what others are saying, thinking about it, and then responding.

Encourage Eye-Contact

Encouraging your child to make eye contact when talking to someone can enhance their social skills. It will help them in building confidence and effectively communicate.

You would have to practice this with your child to help them master this art. You can try a staring contest, sharing stories while maintaining eye contact, or other such tricks to help them.

Teach Them Ways to Interact

Teach your child non-verbal and verbal ways to respond, interact, and express themselves. Start by helping them learn about the standard greetings and appropriate responses. Your kid might need guidance or assistance when they try to interact.

Assure your children that they are free to communicate their ideas, beliefs, desires, and needs. Talk to them every day and use the words you have taught them.

Try Role Playing

Pretend-play is an effective way your kids can practice their social skills. Pretend to be their teacher, classmates, or neighbors so that they can practice their interactions. Make it fun by switching roles. This is a fun way to enhance their social skills.

You can also suggest some ways your child can improve after the role-playing. Your child might need help expressing their feelings, managing responses, or overcoming shyness.

Understand Your Child’s Limits

Some kids are more social than others, and it is essential to understand this. An introverted or shy child shouldn’t be expected to have the social skills of an extroverted child.

Avoid forcing your children to have a conversation with you or anyone else. It is essential to understand your child’s limits and guide them accordingly.


It can certainly be frustrating to witness your kid experiencing difficulties in making friends or making a conversation. However, with patience and practice, their social skills can drastically improve. Be sure to consult your kid’s teacher to determine ways to improve their communication and social skills.

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