Advantages of Preschool PlaytimeFun, Education, Creativity: The Advantages of Preschool Playtime

When do your children first get to create their own world? When they are given the opportunity for creative, fun, and educational play, of course! Before we as individuals can get a strong grip on logic or even common sense, it helps if we’re introduced to the “way things are” in the world around us in a light, engaging manner while our brains are still developing. And it never hurts to do so alongside friends! After all, the people around us help us discover aspects of the world that we might have missed on our own.

That’s why playtime at preschool is so important. Choosing the right school means finding the best social, fun, engaging opportunities for your children. If you want your children to learn and grow in an environment that gives them the creative space they need for their personal, cognitive, and social development, then you will want their preschool to have the following characteristics.

  • Staff who believe in the importance of letting your children make their own discoveries by allowing them to think creatively—sometimes in ways that no teacher might have anticipated!
  • Teachers who see themselves as facilitators, rather than directors, of your children’s education, and who value the biological and cognitive benefits of letting your children develop through purposeful play activities.
  • Support for parents who want to reinforce their children’s development and best behavior at home.
  • Interdisciplinary activities that cover everything from the sciences to art and history.
  • Plenty of opportunity for playtime and fun—including social and community-building activities with parents and family members!

Preschool gives your children the chance to befriend and learn with others their own age. Playing while learning is one of the most meaningful experiences that you can give to your children. It will shape their ability to learn—and their appreciation for learning—for years to come. Studies indicate that preschool-aged kids can absorb and build on skills and knowledge faster than they can when they are older. Enrolling them in complete, engaging education as early as preschool sets them on the path for lifelong success.

Here at Mt. Elizabeth Academy, every child is invited to experience the richness of knowledge and social connection under the guidance of our teachers. Playtime is always as fun as it is constructive! Interested in finding out more about how use play to build your children’s brain power, social skills, and educational future? Click here to talk with our specialists today!