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Dear Prospective Family,

I would like to take this opportunity to welcome you to Mt. Elizabeth Academy, where we place an emphasis on providing exceptional early childhood development and education in a loving and nurturing environment. Mt. Elizabeth Academy is a Quality Rated, family-owned Christian preschool, pre-k, private kindergarten, and daycare; founded and operated by master educators in Kennesaw, Georgia. We offer discovery-based learning activities, sensory manipulatives, and developmental centers that fully engage our students in learning and growth. In addition, we assess your child’s understanding and gently challenge them to continue through their next developmental phase, all in a fun and engaging play-based atmosphere.

In addition to being a mother of two, I spent the last 30 years professionally involved in early learning; as a teacher, a principal and a mentor to developing teachers. I have spoken at workshops around the world and I am an early learning professional. I pride myself on staying up-to-date on the newest research in early learning education and child development. While developing and delivering outstanding programs and curriculum are passions, most importantly I love children. I support our families and I cultivate a nurturing atmosphere of comfort and security.

Please make an appointment to come in for a tour. I look forward to showing you what a wonderful school and community we have.

Ann Godley, B.A., M.Ed.

Co-Founder/Executive Director

Early Learning Guided by a Higher Power

Kennesaw, Marietta, and Acworth’s Choice for
Non-Denominational Christian Daycare

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Welcome to a Christian,
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What The Parents Say

  • If there was a way to give this school 10 stars, I most definitely would! They were genuinely a blessing for my son and I. We moved to Georgia from Texas without having any family around. My son who had never been to a daycare previously, had already been to two prior to finding Mt. Elizabeth Academy and the experiences were truly horrible. Our experience at Mt. Elizabeth Academy was amazing from the moment we arrived for our tour. Ms. Kathy at the front desk was so genuinely concerned about my 2 year old and adamant about turning his daycare experience around. She made sure that the staff knew of his previous experience and assured his safety. When the owner, Ann, heard our story and cry for help, her response was “How soon can he start?” I never felt so grateful and was on the verge of tears by the end of the tour. On my son’s first day, when he met his new teacher, Ms. Katherine, she immediately took him in as if he was her own. My son, who had become extremely standoffish of any new adult especially a new daycare, immediately allowed her to hold him which was very shocking but reassuring. In less than four months, my 2 year old who literally cried at both previous daycares from the moment we entered the parking lot, now is excited to go to school to see his teachers and play with his friends. I will forever be grateful and in their debt for taking care of the most precious person in my life and would recommend them to ANYONE whose looking for a quality, loving and highly education school for their children!

    L.Tierre Daniels Avatar L.Tierre Daniels
    March 1, 2024
  • My household is truly thankful for Mt. Elizabeth! Our son attended the academy from January 2021 through November 2023. In an industry that is known to have difficulties with employee retention, they did an incredible job hiring kind, caring, intentional teachers that made a lasting impression on our son. The owners and staff did a wonderful job at communicating any and all situations that needed to be addressed (i.e., a fall on the playground that left a scraped knee or a classroom struggle over a toy resulting in a classmate biting). The facility is clean and tended to appropriately and the environment was welcoming and warm. The processes and procedures were made clear and the Brightwheel system of communication between staff and parents was used regularly to share photos/updates of our son and what he was doing throughout the day. We loved receiving pictures and details of activities going on throughout the day. It allowed for us to be more involved with our son outside of the school day to discuss what he did and know who his friends were. Overall, our experience was very positive and we will always be grateful. The Godley’s have put their heart into Mt. Elizabeth and it shows!

    Anna Galeotti Avatar Anna Galeotti
    February 1, 2024
  • This is the best daycare in Kennesaw. The facility is clean and organized. Staffs are kind and caring. My daughter has been attending the school since July and has been thriving. They teach Spanish 3 days a week to the children, because of that, my 2 year old daughter speaks 3 languages at home. They also teach the children how to pray before they eat and I love that. Now my daughter prays everytime before she eats. Thank you to the teachers and staff there.

    Nhung Do Avatar Nhung Do
    January 1, 2024
  • As Safe As Mommy’s Arms @ Home: Mt. Elizabeth Academy is like an extended family outside the home for our child. The rules tend to flow naturally, to provide the sense of order and cleanliness that younglings require. Accommodations are made for individual needs every day, such as fancy spring water from home if you wish to provide it. There are comfortable, colorful uniform options available for all. At the toddler age in Room G, we parents do not necessarily aim for any achievements – however, I have witnessed my child express independence in a short amount of time since enrollment, choosing to feed herself rather than continue the silver spoon-feeding as before. Staff fluctuations and swaps are common, so that our child is met with more caretakers during the week. This is not exactly what she likes, so there are days when she would rather have Ms. Sam and Ms. Nancy in the classroom – and she cries for them. They are the sweetest, most gentle teachers I have had the delight to meet. Others are nice as well, and they all paint a well-rounded picture of our society today. Diversity is a strength that this school encourages, with a strong emphasis on literacy and social skills. Art and music also present in the classroom, so our best efforts at home do get mirrored at school, with heartwarming effects on the mood swings that our child boasts. She is confident to express herself in all ways, loud and quiet. There are school events and fun things to do every week, and we get pictures by BrightWheel. We will soon be relocating to another country, and I feel that the experience we gained at Mt. Elizabeth is going to be very valuable going forward. Thank you for your loving discipline and expert care that you provide, Mt. Elizabeth teachers and staff!

    Alexandra Nistor Avatar Alexandra Nistor
    August 23, 2023
  • The teachers are amazing and my daughter has been well taken care of. The staff is friendly from the moment you walk in the door you will know your child is in good hands. Your child will love coming to school each day at Mt. E!

    Brittany Kastner Avatar Brittany Kastner
    April 23, 2023
  • I cannot express how much this school means to our family. I have seen my daughter flourish emotionally, socially and academically. This program is a social and academic based program. So even though my daughter has a late September birthday they placed her where she needed to be. They observed her with children she’d be with if they placed them in classes based off Cobb K-12 guidelines. After a few weeks of observation they moved her up to the next class. She absolutely loves it! She’s learning so much, has made many friends and I often hear her singing ‘Jesus Loves Me’ and other songs while playing. They use the Brightwheel App as of now, which I love. I get pictures and videos throughout the day along with updates on food, naps, etc. Anywho – Great Program – Great Staff – My child is truly loved – Clean – Organized – Secure

    Mlanders21 Avatar Mlanders21
    April 23, 2023
  • My grandchildren take music classes here. My granddaughter takes voice lessons and my grandson takes guitar ???? lessons. Both of them love their lessons and can’t wait to return for their next class!!

    Lourdes Sivilla-Moriarty Avatar Lourdes Sivilla-Moriarty
    April 1, 2023
  • My Son Jacob has found the best place. I love the way they share the pictures and update us activities everyday. Thank you entire staff for the good job you are doing.

    David Gakuru Avatar David Gakuru
    April 1, 2023
  • The staff was kind and patient, and truly seemed to care about the well-being and development of the children in their care. The facility was clean, well-equipped, and had a warm and welcoming atmosphere. The daily activities were well-planned and provided a good balance of educational and fun experiences. Overall, I highly recommend the Mt. Elizabeth to anyone in need of top-quality care for their child.

    Chris Kahley Avatar Chris Kahley
    December 23, 2022
  • We were very happy with this school. My 3 yr old son enjoyed going to school everyday. He attended this school for about a 1 1/2. I would recommend this school to friends & family. The teachers are caring and attentive to both children & parents. They have a great summer camp for older children.

    Jilsia Perdomo Avatar Jilsia Perdomo
    December 23, 2022

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