Project-Based Learning: Building Your Child’s Cognitive Potential

The building blocks of your child’s mind are shaped by today’s learning. Moments from home to the classroom are crucial for cultivating the individuality and potential inside your child. That is because early childhood experiences contribute powerfully to the development of a child’s brain and its abilities.

One of the best ways to give your child those important brain building blocks is Project-based learning (sometimes just called “PBL”). PBL activities are activities that stimulate and cultivate better cognitive development for every child. In PBL activities, children are asked to learn the concepts and skills that they’ll need in order to complete an interdisciplinary project. Working through the project then helps them to solidify what they’ve learned by applying it in a meaningful situation. What is Mt. Elizabeth’s approach to project-based instruction?

  • Our teachers guide children through material ranging from arts to math and from history to sciences, all while encouraging a social connection with their peers.
  • The projects your children work on allow them to approach new ideas and concepts in a creative, open context.
  • Help is never far away—a good support system of encouraging teachers and dedicated caretakers provide guidance and encouragement, which are just as important for your children’s cognitive development as they are for emotional and mental health.
  • Your children will be encouraged to embrace the learning process at their own pace—moving ahead quickly when it comes to the skills that they’re already strong with, and taking the time they need when it comes to applying the concepts and skills that they’re still developing.
  • We embrace mistakes as an unavoidable and useful part of the growing and learning process.

No matter what age, it is never too early to learn dedication and perseverance—two highly valuable tools! Project-based instruction helps children to gain these tools so that they’ll be better able to keep learning while their young minds are developing interdisciplinary connections. And no matter what age, keeping the mind intrigued goes hand in hand with keeping it sharp.

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