Benefits of Doing Chores

It doesn’t matter if your children are of preschool or school age, research has revealed that the benefits of children doing chores are huge. It’s not the actual chore that provides the benefit, but the responsibility of completing the chore. Below we will highlight 6 benefits of children doing chores.

1. Chores provide children with a purpose

Children develop a sense of ownership when they have jobs to do around the house and it makes them feel like they are an important member of the household. Children like to feel important and this helps to build their self-esteem.

2. Chores teach children about delayed gratification

If you want to, you could reward any chores that your child completes with an allowance. This could be a special treat at the end of the week if all chores have been completed. Ultimately, any reward system will help your child to learn about delayed gratification. This is an important concept to teach since we live in a world full of immediate gratification.

3. Chores help to improve motor skills

There are plenty of things that children can do around the house which will help to develop their gross and fine motor skills. For example, children can help in the kitchen by drying dishes or measuring out ingredients when cooking. They can help to sweep or dust the house. Children can also help in the garden by pulling up weeds or raking up dead leaves.

4. Chores teach self-discipline

In life, there are lots of things that we don’t enjoy doing but we still have to do them. Everyone needs to be able to participate in aspects of life that they may not enjoy such a school, a relationship or work. To succeed in many areas of life, self-discipline is crucial.

5. Chores help you to learn about working with others

If your young child has siblings then get all of your children to work together on completing a task. If your child doesn’t have any siblings then get them to complete chores with you. When working with other children have to learn how to compromise and decide who completes which task. This helps them to become flexible and understand different roles.

6. Chores influence success as adults

A study was conducted which highlighted that a child success as an adult can be related to whether or not he or she helped with household chores at the young age of 3 or 4 years. The study revealed that these children grow up to have good relationships and were less likely to use drugs, as well as many other benefits. When you provide a child with a job to do, their confidence in their abilities to complete a task grows. If you consider an early year setting such as a daycare center, you will see how enthusiastic young children are when it comes to cleaning, helping to maintain the garden or getting involved with cooking and baking. Quite often we think it’s convenient to just do the chores ourselves, as this means the job will get done correctly and efficiently. However, this means we are missing out on important opportunities which help to improve our children’s confidence as well as many other vital traits.

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