childhood educationChildhood Education: When Do Children Learn the Most?

From the first moments of your child’s life, she is learning. Everything she sees, hears, touches, tastes, and smells teach her a little more about his world. At some point, children begin learning new kinds of information—and they begin to learn in new ways. It is important to know what the stages of learning are in order to understand how important early-childhood education is.

Birth to 18 Months Old

During this stage, babies are taking in their sensory world and making sense of it. Allow your child the opportunity to explore. This will be educational enough. You will no doubt find that your child loves to discover new features of her world. That becomes a good opportunity to reinforce the pleasures of discovery.

18 Months to 2 Years Old

By this point, you should see quite a bit of language use at this point, and your child will probably begin to notice that he can focus better on stories. He may even want to pick up a crayon to scribble with, in addition to showing an interest in playing with other toys.

3 to 5 Years Old

This is the most crucial time for learning in childhood—and, arguably, in all of life. By this point, your child should be demonstrating the development of her memory and creativity. Cultivating those abilities and helping your child learn how to learn is the key to unlocking lifelong learning capabilities. This is when children need not only social education—so that they learn how to share, be patient, focus, and respect others, for example—but also hands-on opportunities to learn about all areas of knowledge, from science to art to music and math.

5 to 8 Years Old

By this “middle childhood” stage, your child’s brain has already learned many patterns of cataloguing and making sense of information. Children at this age should be able to take what they know about the world and begin to understand themselves more. They should be able to differentiate themselves from their peers more clearly as well as build friendships.

Sculpting successful behavior and planting the seeds of knowledge and social savvy in early childhood can begin as early as today. Starting off on the right foot is as simple as a call to Mt. Elizabeth Academy. The variety of curricular and creative activities we offer your children can activate the potential of their mind so that they can achieve their ultimate potential!