Benefits of Early Childhood Music EducationWhat Are the Benefits of Early Childhood Music Education?

Music offers each of us a deeper experience of the world around us. Whether we are just enjoying the background music playing in the stores around us, listening to the radio, sitting in the audience of a live concert, or maybe even playing on stage ourselves, music enriches our everyday lives.

This is no less the case for children. The National Association for Music Education (NAfME) emphasizes how important it is for preschool-aged children to engage with music as part of their educational activities. This reinforces what most people know from experience. Anyone who has heard a nursery rhyme or learned the alphabet through song has experienced the benefits of music education.

Dr. Wendy L. Sims, professor of music education at the University of Missouri at Columbia, notes that more often than not, “early childhood education programs to not require even basic music proficiency or music teaching methods coursework in their curricula.”  But the benefits of learning through and about music in early childhood are clear.

What does music education do for children?

  • Helps children improve motor skills and confidence
  • Improves socialization behaviors such as leadership, turn-taking, cooperation, patience, and executive-function and emotional regulation
  • Gives children a positive, creative outlet to express a full range of emotions
  • Enhances memory and language and vocabulary development
  • Makes learning fun

Can you imagine a world without music?  Neither can we. That is why music is an essential part of Mt. Elizabeth Academy’s curriculum. Our curriculum features a daily 30-minute class devoted to music and movement. You children will learn delightful songs, dances, and a variety of other musical activities. The skills that your child gains in these daily classes—from rhythm and timing to coordination and language and listening skills—are part of the essential foundation of experiences that she will need as she enters grade school. Who knows what kind of creative genius could be sparked by an early introduction to music?

Childhood Music EducationMt. Elizabeth teaches delightful, rhythmic songs to your child with 30-minute, daily sessions. Through dances and repetition of song, each little musician learns coordination, timing and even listening and language skills. Building a solid regime for your child to come back to day after day also assists in boosting their memory as well as their participation skills. When given the tools of musical expression at an early age, your child will also acquire the basics of self expression. Conveying and digesting emotions constructively is helped by music, and the more experience she picks up with it, the more ready she will be to grow with confidence! Not only that, it can help boost her focus and fuel her imagination for years to come. Who knows what kind of creative genius could be sparked by her introduction to music?

Music is a multimodal stimulant that lights up many areas of the brain simultaneously, so stimulating your child’s mind through music can make it easier to create greater mental proficiency in many areas of experience, thought, and education. When music is involved in your child’s life, he can experience growth in many directions. The teachers at Mt. Elizabeth Academy strive to expand the greatness of your child’s reach, from infancy to toddlerhood, including through the delights of the musical world! Why not come and join in on one of our music and movement sessions?