Preschool Instruction: Our Focus on Mathematics

Your children’s grasp of the world around them begins with their understanding of the basic building blocks of the natural world.  Perhaps no building block is more important than mathematics fundamentals.  Your child’s first steps into her future begin with simple math skills, such as counting to ten.  From there, her educational path will be wide open!

Providing that rich foundational education for your child is at the heart of our mission.  Our teachers understand how important it is to guide your child along the path to a well-rounded education.  That’s why we focus on individualized instruction.  Each child requires different levels of guidance and support as he progresses and learns about the wonderful world of numbers.

The hands-on activities that our instructors have designed along with our Director of Academics, immerse our young students in a wide array of learning opportunities related to mathematics.  We know that preschool-aged children love learning when learning activities are fun, social, and interactive.  Our educational activities foster math comprehension by teaching our students about shapes, colors, numbers, and sorting.  With that important knowhow, your child will be ready for every challenge that kindergarten and elementary school will present.

Starting early with the basics in math is crucial to keeping your children on the path to a sound education.  Think of how much they will need these skills in and beyond the modern classroom and how large the world of numbers really is. Giving your child an early start is exactly the kind of boost that she’ll thank you for later on, because she will be better prepared and more confident thanks to this strong foundation of math skills.

Interested in learning more about Mt. Elizabeth’s immersive mathematics activities?  Contact us today to speak with our instructors about how we guide and support each child through the process of learning and discovery with the wide world of numbers.