Indoor Activities for a Rainy Day

It’s raining again, which means you’re stuck indoors. If you’re trying to find some activities to do to keep your preschool and school-aged children busy, then see below.

Indoor picnic/ tea party
Lay out your picnic blanket indoors and get your children involved in helping you to set up an indoor picnic/tea party. If you have younger children, get them to invite their favorite teddy bear along to the party.

The majority of children enjoy baking, especially if it means there’s a yummy reward at the end of it all! Aside from this, if you get your children involved in the kitchen from a young age, they get to learn about food and flavors, as well as the mathematical and scientific-related concepts linked to baking.

Create some music
If you don’t have any musical instruments at home, then create some using pots, pans and wooden spoons. With your children, create your own music. Not only will your children love to make their own music, but it will also help to enhance their early learning musical skills.

Board games
Get out the family’s favorite board games and play these on a wet, rainy day. If you have older children, see if you can get them to teach your younger children and get them to sort themselves out into teams for some friendly family competition.

Create a den
Grab a handful of pillows and blankets and create a den. Place these items over chairs and sofas. It doesn’t matter if you have children that are younger or older, all ages will enjoy this activity equally.

Treasure hunt
Even if you have to stay indoors because of the rain, there’s no reason why you can’t have a treasure hunt indoors. It’s simple enough to create and all you need to do is give each one of your children a treasure hunt and a small container/bag that they can use to collect their treasure!

Cinema at home
So you may not feel like heading out to the cinema to watch a movie in the rain, but that shouldn’t stop you from enjoying a cinema experience. Create a cinema at home and get yourselves cozy and ready to watch a family film together. Get your children involved in making some popcorn and getting the drinks and snacks ready for the show.

The library
The local library is a great place to visit when it wet and rainy outdoors. Quite often, libraries have story/craft sessions running during the weekend/ school holidays for your kids to get involved in.

Cardboard box town
All children love cardboard boxes and a great activity to get them involved in is to create a town on the box. Your town can include roads, car parks, shops, bridges etc. Next, you could create some people, animals, cars etc. Let your children come up with some ideas and let their imagination and creativity flow. If you have older children get them to help to draw and paint the scene.