How to Keep Kids Active When the Weather is Cold

It goes without saying that children need a regular activity for health reasons. However, when the weather is cold it can be difficult to think of opportunities to get them out to be active. It is much easier to curl up on the sofa when it’s dark and cold outside. However, regardless of the weather, it is crucial that kids are active and participate in regular exercise as the majority of children do not get enough physical exercise.

Below we will provide you with some ideas that you can consider to make sure that your kids stay active, even when the weather is cold.

Indoor options

To avoid cabin fever it’s crucial to get your kids out of the house. You could try and choose an option which incorporates some form of physical activity such as swimming, ice skating, a sports center or bowling.

Reduce screen time

It is believed that children spend over seven hours a day in front of some sort of screens, such as iPads, computers, game consoles, and televisions. This could be one of the reasons why children are not getting enough exercise. For this reason, it is worth restricting children’s access to screen time to a maximum of 2 hours a day and this should be a lot less for children who are preschool age. By doing this, children and more likely to be physically active.

Daily routines

The things that you do each day count towards your exercise quota. For example, going out to the supermarket or walking the family pet. The key thing is to increase your heart rate. Get your children involved when you complete these routines as this way they will have the chance to keep active, regardless of the weather. Ideally, your children need to do an hour’s activity a day, but this can be spread out throughout the day and does not need to be a solid hour of activity.

Exercise videos

If it’s difficult to take your children to a class or they don’t really like group activities, you could try a child-friendly exercise video instead.

Head outside

Even if it is cold it doesn’t mean that you can’t go outdoors and you need to stay inside. The important thing is that you wrap up and keep warm. Dress your children in layers and instead of wearing standard shoes, put them in boots. Make sure that your children have on socks that are warm, as well a hat and a scarf. Once they are outside and moving around, their heart trace will increase, which will also help to keep them warm. Consider walking the dog, going to the park or encouraging your children to play outdoors with their friends.

Kids classes

If you want to try and get your children into a regular activity then you could consider getting them involved in a local class which incorporates physical activity. Not only do they get to exercise, but they also get the opportunity to can socialize as well.