Benefits of Outdoor Nature Activities

As a parent, we will hear others talking about the benefits of taking part in outdoor activities amongst nature. It could be friends who talk about it or teachers at your child’s daycare or early learning setting. The fact of the matter is that children do need to spend time outdoors and amongst nature, as it does benefit their development. We will highlight some of the benefits of outdoor nature activities.

Gets kids active

When children take part in outdoor nature activities, they tend to be active which means they are getting exercise. You don’t need to get your child to join a local running group or football team, a simple walk through your local woods will get your child’s heart racing and blood pumping.

Improve self-confidence

A great way of improving a child’s self-esteem is to spend time with them out in nature. Children who are exposed to nature tend to have a better level of self-control, discipline and inner peace. This then means a child’s confidence level is also boosted.

Mental and physical reasons

There is only one way to explore nature and that’s by being out and surrounded by it. It is believed that when we have a direct connection to nature, we benefit both mentally and physically. Nature can help to reduce depression and improve mood. Children who play outdoors have better gross motor skills. Taking part in outdoor nature activities will also help children when they are at preschool or daycare, as it’s also believed to improve a child’s concentration levels.

The social impact

When children take part in outdoor nature activities they are given the opportunity to interact with other children. These children will learn and develop skills such as sharing, help and turn-taking. Children enjoy the company of other children and you will find that they have the best time when they are amongst their peers.

Reduce screen time

It has been said that some children spend over seven hours a day in front of a screen. This could be on a laptop, smartphone or watching television and all of these affect a child’s development.  It’s far better to let your children get out and go to the park or visit your local woods or gardens. Not only will this get them away from screens, but it also gets them out exercising. If you don’t have the time to get out to a local nature spot, then use your local area instead. If the weather permits, do some planting, go for a walk or head out on your bicycles.

An uncontrolled environment

It’s easy to play indoors as we don’t have to worry about the weather and the danger of strangers. However, a child’s environment is limited indoors. When a child is outdoors amongst nature, they have much more freedom and learn to play in ways where they have to judge a situation, consider factors such as conditions and surfaces. These factors help a child to develop their balance and coordination skills.

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