Back to School Tips for a Smoother Transition

Group of Children in a Classroom Everyone has gone through challenging times due to the COVID pandemic, and now we wonder what the new normal would be as lockdowns get lifted. Children have become accustomed to studying at home, which means it could be difficult for them to go back to school.

Fortunately, there are ways to help your child with the process of transitioning to school after the lockdown.

Establish a Plan for the Transition

The best way to make this transition easier for your kids is to establish a plan and implement it a few weeks before the school reopens. Talk to them about how things will change from now on and the school activities might be different than before the lockdown.

Form a routine you want your kid to follow once school starts and make sure they stick to it. Ensure they dress up for their online classes and ditch the pajamas after waking up. Ask them to brush their teeth, get dressed, and have breakfast before the lessons start.

These little things will help them prepare for the transition better.

Listen to Their Worries and Reassure them

Your child might be anxious about returning to school after studying at home for such a long time. Even adults are facing anxiety. Be open about it and talk to your child. Engage in an honest conversation and be sure to listen to what they have to say.

If they struggle to express what they feel, ask them to write it down or draw. Tell your child that you are there for them and consult their teacher or a therapist if they are experiencing more issues.

Limit Screen Time

While longer screen times were necessary during the lockdown for studies, work, and entertainment, it is time to reduce your child’s screen time. Encourage them to play outdoors as this will also help them switch their usual routine of staying indoors and prepare to go back to school.

Go Over the Safety Precautions

The schools have been getting in touch with parents about the safety protocols and hygiene guidelines implemented to keep the students, teachers, and other staff safe. Go through the guidelines and changes from the school with your child to ensure they are well prepared.

Practice social distancing and hand washing to get them into the habit before school begins. Be sure to tell them these measures are to keep everyone safe and protected. Answer all their questions and concerns openly and honestly.

Ensuring your child is prepared to go back to school after staying at home for a long time will result in a smoother transition. Make sure you are gentle when going through all of this to avoid stressing your children and yourself. With some planning and open communication, you can help your child get ready for a great school year ahead.

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