All About School Uniforms and Daycare: Benefits & Opportunities for Expression.

benefit of school uniformWhat is the reasoning and benefit to having school uniform shirts for children? We feel that there are a number of good reasons to have school shirts for our kids, and here are just a few:


One main reason why we love our school shirts is that we believe children share a sense of belonging and camaraderie. This feeling of belonging helps to create a school spirit as well as a sense of community within a school. Our children and teachers all wear shirts with the Mt. Elizabeth Academy logo and we believe this helps everyone feel like they are part of something special together.


We live in a world full of brands and fashion and so one of the biggest advantages of having a school uniform is that it should reduce judging, teasing and bullying as everyone dresses the same.


It has been suggested that a school uniform encourages positive behaviour, as when children wear a uniform, they tend to behave better as they feel more professional in their attire. Also, as everyone is wearing the same thing, children don’t get side-tracked by fashion trends and the focus remains on learning as external distractions are limited. This may not be a major factor at a young age, but as kids move along in school, more things come into play.


It is far cheaper to buy a few school shirts every school year rather than a whole wardrobe of new school clothes. Our school uniforms are economical and designed to withstand regular washing and wear. In fact, we have had great feedback from families regarding the value of our school shirts, which are produced by one of our great Mt. E parents!


Schools that don’t have a uniform policy will still have their rules on what clothing is and should not be worn at school. These rules may include no symbols, no obvious logos, no offensive language on clothing, etc. No uniform also means that staff and parents will need to keep an eye on what’s been worn at school. When children wear a school uniform, all of this is not an issue, which helps to alleviate the headache of monitoring what children are wearing to school.

Calmer Mornings

School mornings can be less stressful when ‘what to wear’ is not up for debate as everyone wears the same thing. Parents don’t need to worry about what outfit to put on their child as everyone knows what will be worn. All of this can help to prevent arguments and unnecessary stress each morning.

Wearing a school uniform at our Kennesaw daycare does not mean that you don’t have the opportunity for expression. There are still ways that you can show off your child’s unique personality and style. Overall, your child can still choose which exact garments he/she wants to wear as our school shirts offer a wide range of colors to select from.