Why You Should Send Your Child to Daycare?

Child playing
For many parents, staying at home to take care of their children isn’t financially possible anymore. With the state of the economy, many families need two incomes, and working becomes a necessity instead of choice. In such circumstances, who will care for the children? While nannies and babysitters are one option, infant care is a much more convenient and reasonable option.

Why is Daycare The Better Choice?


Consistent contact with adults is essential for children as they are growing up so that they can form healthy attachments to people. By opting for daycare, you can allow your child the interaction they need with their caretakers to be able to develop and grow in a healthy way. Daycare also allows trained professionals to be able to keep an eye on your children and manage their individual and special needs where applicable.

Physical Environment

Although homes can be child-proofed, there are limitations to how far parents can go with this while also not sacrificing on the decorative aspect of their home-making, and how many options they have to do so. Daycare centers are designed with children and toddlers in mind, and thus make sure that all the safety features are set in places, such as doors that do not slam shut and flooring that reduces the risk of accidents. Daycares also have toddler-sized furniture that makes it easy for them to freely move about and have fun, whereas homes will inevitably have some ‘danger zones’ that cannot be eliminated, such as kitchens, where you need to keep an eye on your child at all times.


For kids, variety is important! Since children get bored very easily, you need to keep them occupied at all times to keep them out of trouble. Children also develop faster and better if they are allowed to explore different activities and learn through free play and guided learning. Daycare centers will usually have a much wider range of games and toys that will keep children busy, and also allow them to play with each other and learn the importance of teamwork and friendship. Mt. Elizabeth Academy focuses greatly on the number of activities available to children, providing a wide range from physical education to robotics, as well as arts and crafts and music.

Preparing for School

Before your child officially begins school, they need a fair amount of preparation and readiness, in academics as well as general life skills. While you may not be able to provide this at home due to all your own responsibilities, daycare centers excel at getting the kids ready for the progression to school by teaching them several skills. This includes the independence that will help them get through the day without their parents, as well as some academics such as recognition of numbers and letters, and familiarity with some basic steps in math and simple words.


If you are a stay-at-home parent, the fact is that there are many chores to be done around the house, and there is a very limited portion of time left over to play with the children and pay attention to them instead of having them simply tag along. Daycare allows your child to get the attention they need and the learning opportunities and emotional support they need for healthy growth.