Whole-Child Education

whole child education

What does it mean to “teach the whole child”? This approach to education is making a considerable splash. The focus of whole-child education is on nourishing the health of the mind and the body as the foundation of a holistic educational experience. In a nutshell, this involves activating and cultivating the left (mathematical, calculating, logical) side of the brain alongside the right (creative, emotive, artistic) side.

Mt. Elizabeth goes beyond the average daycare and preschool curriculum by including a variety of lessons and activities such as drama, art, music, yoga, and physical education that give your child a strong connection to his or her whole intelligence and overall wellbeing. Whole-child education can benefit every child in a variety of ways. Here are just a few!

Improve Fine Motor Skills and Coordination

Studies show that involvement in a balance of analytical, creative and physical exercises help develop your child’s coordination and motor skills faster than without a well-rounded exposure. That’s why we offer multimodal activities—when you engage the whole brain, you engage the whole child, sharpening her mental reflexes and helping her discover the joy of learning!

Improve Language Development

Your baby may be smarter than you already know! From French to Spanish to Mandarin to American Sign Language, the earlier a child is exposed to a language, the more naturally he will absorb it. Being immersed in language-rich settings also helps your baby’s natural English skills flourish. The more connections he makes between language and his world through daily routines, the more that language will light up his whole mind!

Improve Focus and Memory

An active brain is a sharp brain. Keeping both sides of your baby or toddler’s mind engaged makes it easier for her to focus on and retain the lessons she’s taught. With better recall comes easier growth each time your child learns something new.

Improve Fundamental Math Skills

If you think that there’s no connection between the ability to add 1+1 and your child’s creativity or physical wellbeing, think again! Studies show that regular involvement in creative activities like coloring and getting plenty of recess time to run and play increases children’s proficiency in mathematics, technology, and science.

Improve Discipline and Teamwork

We wouldn’t have growth without each other. Knowledge is passed on from generation to generation, and we build upon what we know with each generation. When your child learns something new, he’s going to have lots of questions about it. That’s just natural! Studies show that an involvement in creative, physical activity like building with blocks increases a child’s left-brain proficiency.

Improve Self-Confidence and Self-Esteem

Along with overall brain engagement and even career preparation, whole-child education also promotes buoyant mental health for your child. Social interaction, relying on mentor-teachers, communicating with peers, bonding through teamwork and coordination—whole-child education helps your child with each of these. It’s an easy way to give your child access to her full potential and to boost her emotional well being.

Mt. Elizabeth Academy uses whole-child education to bring your blossoming young child’s mind all the resources needed to become a confident, intelligent, and involved human being.