Importance Of Books For A ChildThe Importance Of Books For A Child’s Development In The Digital Age

Although we live in a digital age, books still play a very important role in a child’s development. Books stir a child’s imagination and spark creativity and yes although this is great fun, books are also more valuable than just for entertainment. We will take a look at the importance of books why books are vital for a child’s development and why books, and not just technology, should be a part of your child’s daily life.

Reading Books Helps To Increase A Child’s Brainpower

Children who read books from a younger age are more prepared for formal education and tend to do better academically. Children’s language skills and their vocabulary are enhanced when they read. A child also learns how to speak correctly in different situations, for example, they are better at having conversations related to different subjects and they tend to have more confidence when speaking about diverse topics.

Reading Books Helps To Develop Vocabulary

When your child reads a book they are introduced to new vocabulary, which they may not hear in everyday life. They will then pick up these words, which they can then incorporate into their everyday speech. When you read with your child, check that they understand the meaning of obscure words. Also, if your child asks you what a word means, make sure that you stop to discuss the meaning of the word and how the word can be used in different situations.

Reading Books Helps To Nurture A Child’s Focus

When you read a book with your child or when a child reads a book independently, his ability to focus improves. When you read to a child they have to concentrate and listen to what you are reading in order for him to understand the book. In turn this improves his focusing skills.

Books Help A Child To Deal With Their Feelings and Emotions

If you have a child who struggles with their emotions or feelings then there is bound to be a book that discusses it. Children’s books are written in such a way that they make things seem less daunting. This way your child may feel less worried about something new that she may not have yet experienced.

Reading Books Together Provide An Opportunity To Bond

When you share a book with your child you are given the opportunity to bond and cuddle up together. The time that you spend reading together improves your child’s concentration and it will be something that your child will grow up and remember fondly. These memories will last them a lifetime.
Regardless of the age of your child and the type of book that he is reading, reading will help to develop some crucial skills. At Mt. Elizabeth Academy, we read over 500 books to our children each year. It is fun, educational and a normal part of the day for kids.