How to Help Your Child Get Organized

If you feel like your child needs some help to get themselves organized then here are some tips which you could consider which will help your child to improve their organization skills, not only at home but also if they are at preschool.

What can cause organizational issues?

If a child struggles to be organized it’s not always linked to laziness. It could be that a child finds it difficult to organize, prioritize and follow things through. Quite often, struggling with organization is a developmental issue and a lack of sleep can also affect how well a child is organized and focused, so it’s important to ensure that your child gets good quality sleep.

 Tips to help improve a child’s organizational skills

  • Routine

    If you create a daily routine for your child, they will know what is expected of them each day. For instance, getting ready for their early learning setting, daycare, school etc., completing homework and chores and their bedtime routine. You could use a clock or a picture schedule, it all depends on what best suits your child.

  • Bite-sized chunks

    If your child has any chores or school work that needs to be done, help them to break it down into smaller bite-sized chunks. This can help your child to see that every task has a beginning, a middle and an end and make things seem less daunting.

  • Chores

    If you give your child chores in the home then make sure they are reasonable and appropriate and suit your child’s age and ability.

  • Work space

    Have a designated work space where your child is able to complete any tasks without being interrupted. It may be that you need to think of a space that’s near to you in case they need your help. Ensure that you

  • To-do lists

    Once your child is aware of all the steps that they need to complete for a task, get them to add them to a to-do list. Make sure that your child regularly updates their to-do list with any outstanding chores or schoolwork. Get your child to put this to-do list in a place that is visible and encourage them to tick off anything that they have completed as they go along.

  • Schoolbag check

    Your child’s school bag is an important link between home and school and for this reason it needs to be well organized. Have a set time and day in my mind where you and your child go through your child’s bag to tidy it out and reorganize it. Encourage your child to get into a good habit of making sure that all books and stationery etc. is packed away each evening and the school bag is stored in the same place every day.