Fun Sensory Activities for your Child

Child Playing with Sand
Sensory experiences can be a major brain booster for your kid. Children expand their knowledge by learning through their senses, like smell, taste, sound, and touch. It helps establish a better understanding of the world.

You can enhance their sensory experiences in multiple ways that are not just fun but also essential for their mental and cognitive development. Let’s have a look at six sensory activities for children:

1.  Guessing the Sounds

Create a sound tube using empty paper towel rolls to help your child connect with the sounds around them. It’s a simple and quick DIY project.

You only need some empty paper rolls and gather different materials, like beads, dried beans, and uncooked rice. Use duct tape to secure one end of the tube and add some beads to the tube. Secure the other end with duct tape.

Fill the remaining rolls in the same way, and your child will have fun listening to the different sounds and guessing what is inside.

2.  Enjoying the Sights

Take your child to different places nearby to take in the views, from fiery sunsets to vivid colors of the flowers. This is a great way for your child to identify different sights and colors. It even gives you a chance to bond with them.

3.  Fun with Sand

Letting your kid enjoy in a sandbox outside is a great way to get them to enjoy some outdoor time. Get some toy buckets and shovels or use old pots and spoons and see their imagination come to life.

4.  Making Musical Instruments

Another fun activity your kids will enjoy is creating musical instruments out of household items. You can help your child with different instruments, including maracas, which are made using wax paper, paper cups, and dried beans. You can even help them make a guitar out of rubber bands and an empty tissue box.

This is a fun way to enhance their creativity and help them learn about the different sounds made by multiple household things.

5.  Playing Dough

Playing with dough is a great sensory activity for the kids. The squishy, soft texture provides the kids with hours of fun and creativity as they chop, slice, and roll to create the objects of their imagination.

6.  Jumping Around

Jumping is the best way of helping your child release pent-up energy and stimulate their sense of movement. Give them an exercise ball, trampoline, or jump rope to enjoy. You can even set up an obstacle course that allows them to climb up and jump over objects.


Sensory activities can involve using simple things around the house and turning them into fun learning opportunities. It doesn’t have to be complicated to help enhance the sensory experiences of your child. Helping your kids engage all senses is an excellent source of learning and fun.

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