Fall or Thanksgiving Activities to do with Kids

As the weather has begun to cool down and we have come into fall, you may be thinking about what activities you can do with your kids when they are on holiday from daycare or preschool. We will provide you with a list of different activities linked to Fall or Thanksgiving that you can enjoy doing with your kids.

Fall Activities

– Plant bulbs for spring

If you love tulips then you need to consider planting them in Fall. You really need to plant them six to eight weeks before hard frost is expected. So, if you remember to plant them in Fall when Spring comes, you’ll have a beautiful garden full of spring flowers.

– Create fall decorations

Decorate your home by making some DIY fall decorations such as a pine cone garland, a mini pumpkin garland, some pumpkin apple stamps, a leaf wreath or some glittery acorns.

– Get Baking

Get your kids in the kitchen and bake some apple cider doughnuts. Head online for a recipe instead of buying them from the supermarket this year.

– Decorate pumpkins

As Halloween approaches you can get young children involved with decorating pumpkins and by allowing them to paint pumpkins. Older ones can get creative when it comes to carving their pumpkins.

– Have a Bonfire

Perfect if you have a fire pit as you could create your own bonfire for your kids. Watch them enjoying roasting their marshmallows and cooking their hot dogs on a nice autumn day.

Thanksgiving Activities

– Gratitude bracelets

For this activity, all you will need is some elastic and a selection of beads. Have the activity ready by making sure the elastic is cut and place a knot in one side of the bracelet. Give each of your children a selection of beads to create their own gratitude bracelet.

– Thanksgiving pinata

Create a paper bird and stuff it with candies and confetti. After your Thanksgiving meal, you can let your children free on the pinata.

– Playdough turkeys

Create some cinnamon scented play dough and provide children with some craft feathers, foam pieces and some googly eyes. The foam pieces will need to be a small triangular shape and in yellow and orange to represent the turkey’s beak. You will also need some red wiggly shapes for the snoods. You can either help your child to mold a turkey and decorate it or let them unleash their creativity and do it themselves.

– Gratitude rocks

These are easy to make and your children will be able to create some beautiful handmade gifts. There are many places online that will show you how you can make these and all you will need are some smooth rocks and some crayons. Wax crayons are the best option.