Benefits of Summer Camp at Mt. Elizabeth Academy.

Summer Camp Benefits at Mt. Elizabeth AcademyMt. Elizabeth Academy’s Summer camp provides children with the opportunity to develop in new ways. Children already have the chance to experience new things when they go to school. Taking part in extracurricular activities and summer camp helps to further enhance their development and it enables them to become confident and independent. Summer camp also allows children the chance to make new friends and socialise, whilst at the same time learn new skills. Below are the benefits of summer camp at our preschool.

Enhance Confidence

Failure and success come hand in hand with growth and activities. Anything new that your child tries at summer camp will have milestones and by achieving these milestones, a child’s self-confidence will increase.

Learn New Skills

Your child’s school may offer many different activities but summer camp allows a child to get more involved with an activity. Children can also take risks that they may not be comfortable doing so in their normal environment as they are scared or losing or failing.

Develop New Interests

If your child has a particular interest in something that’s not generally offered in schools i.e. entrepreneurship or archery, they can experience these kinds of things at summer camp.

Teach Gratitude and Appreciation

When your child is at summer camp, they will learn their home environment and to appreciate you and what you do for them. They may not feel this gratitude and appreciation for long, but they are likely to become more aware of it whilst at camp.


Summer camp allows your child the opportunity to get involved in a new activity or sport with other children who are like-minded. When children mix with other children who are similar to them, they are more likely to build more meaningful friendships.

Promote Independence

You may think that your children are independent enough, but there is nothing that further develops their independence than them being away from you. At summer camp, your children have to make decisions and take responsibility for things themselves such as making their own bed and remembering to brush their own teeth. Children also have the chance to learn from their peers and ask for help if they need it.

Reinvent Themselves

When a child goes to school and is in a routine they can become labelled and put in a particular category i.e. they can be seen as shy or hard working etc. When a child gets the opportunity to go to summer camp they get to meet different people in a whole new environment, which can give them a chance to become something different to what they are generally perceived as.

Enhance Physical Activity and Mental Stimulation

A lot of children don’t get enough physical exercise during the summer months at home. When at Mt. Elizabeth Academy’s summer camp, children are involved in both physical and mental activities. They won’t just be involved in playing a game; they will be involved in actually making the game. Regardless of the camp that you choose, there will be opportunities for your child to be physical as there are usually plenty of outdoor experiences for them to get involved in.