Our Staff


Ally is the assistant teacher for our Toddler 1A class. She is a former nanny and preschool assistant teacher. She has four years of childcare experience, primarily with ages 1-5. She loves children and enjoys having the opportunity to be a part of their growth and development. Her favorite part of the day is taking the kids to specials. She has fun seeing them participating and learning new skills.

Ally’s favorite children’s book: “The Wonderful Wizard of Oz.”


Amanda is a teacher for the Two’s classroom. She has experience working in child care centers and as a nanny. She loves watching children have fun while learning. Her favorite time of the day is watching the children run and play together outdoors.

Amanda’s favorite children’s book: “The Little Mouse, The Red Ripe Strawberry, and the Big Hungry Bear”


April is the Academic Director at Mt. Elizabeth Academy. She has worked for 25 years in public education in the areas of teaching, counseling, and administration. She has experience working in elementary as a teacher/counselor and secondary as a counselor. April is excited to work with students this age because current research states that the overwhelming determiner of how a child does in school is how much they know before they start pre k. Her favorite time of the day is in the morning when all the kids are getting to school. It is a bright new day full of potential. Unlocking each child’s unique potential, talents, and gifts is her passion.

April’s favorite children’s book: “The Kissing Hand”


Cecile is a teacher in the Younger Infants (6 weeks-6 months) classroom. She has been an Early Childhood Educator for almost 20 years. She loves to watch the babies’ rapid transformation in all areas of development within the first year of their lives. Her favorite time of the day is during Sensory/Science activities. Born and raised in France, Cecile enjoys cooking plant-based dishes for her family and friends. She also loves to teach others about the Bible.

Cecile’s favorite children’s book: “The Earth Book”


Corinne teaches PK-3. She has taught PK-4 for 14 years and PK-5 for 3 years at a private Episcopal School in Mobile, AL. She was also the coordinator for Sunday school classes (k-2), children’s chapel and the nursery. Corinne loves working with young children, seeing their faces light up when they “get” a new concept. She also loves their complete, innocent honesty. Her favorite part of the day is small group work. It gives her the chance to spend more time getting to know each student. Corinne recently moved here from Alabama.

Corinne’s favorite children’s book: “Stellaluna by Janell Cannon”


Ms. June is the closing supervisor at Mt. Elizabeth Academy. She has worked as an infant room teacher with ages 6 weeks-15 months and also as an evening closer. After working in the daycare system for many years, she became a nanny for two boys; an infant and a toddler. June and her husband have 4 boys, two are teenagers and the other two are in elementary school. She is very happy to be a part of Mt. Elizabeth as the closing supervisor and to be a part of your children’s lives as she gets to watch them grow. June graduated from high school in Atlanta, and as a young mom, learned that her passion and goal in life was to become more active and involved with children. She loves seeing their smiling faces every day and enjoys their different personalities. Her philosophy on education is that everyone in the classroom contributes as a student, teacher, and thinker. June says it’s very important that everyone is aware of every student and their needs. Each child is an individual and every one learns in their own unique way.

June’s favorite children’s book: “If you Give a Mouse a Cookie”


Kai teaches in the young toddlers in classroom Toddler 1A. She has thirteen years of experience in childcare working with various ages, eight years working specifically with infants and toddlers, and five years of experience working with children on the autism spectrum. Her passion for working with children is being able to provide children with the stepping stones they need to be successful throughout life. Kai’s favorite parts of the day are Art Time and Circle/Story Time. She enjoys spending time with her family, reading, cooking, and traveling.

Kai’s favorite children’s book: “The Grouchy Ladybug”


Kibibi is the Fine Arts Teacher at Mt. Elizabeth Academy. She provides weekly music, art, drama, P.E., and Yoga activities for the children to enjoy. Arts and crafts have always been a hobby of hers and she loves getting the opportunity to share her passion with children. Having the ability to explore their creative side and discovering their many talents with them every day is a very rewarding part of her profession. Before working at Mt. Elizabeth Academy, Kibibi was the assistant choir director at her church. She has been playing the guitar and singing since she was in 6th grade and has loved it ever since. Her favorite part of the day is the afternoon. After a long day of active playing and fun, the children can unwind and learn while expressing thoughts and feelings through the appreciation of fine arts. Your children are her priority and she strives to keep their imaginations and creativity flowing every day.

Kibibi’s favorite children’s book: “The Little Engine that Could”


Kristen is the Lead Teacher for the Older Toddler classroom. She has been a toddler teacher for the past seven years. Kristen believes in creating a classroom environment that fosters problem-solving and independence skills, giving children the confidence they need to learn from their environment. She also believes that children learn through play. As a teacher, she creates an environment that allows the children in her class to move about freely. As they “play” she supports them by asking open-ended questions and suggesting new ideas and ways to use manipulates. She also has her A.S. in Early Childhood Education from Chattahoochee Technical College. Kristen loves to look back to the beginning of the year and see how far the children in her class have come, how much they have learned, grew, and matured in the time that they spent with her. Her favorite part of the day is story time.

Kristen’s favorite children’s book: “Dragons Love Tacos”


Originally from Jamaica,  Patricia moved to the USA and became a member of the New Jersey foster parent association working with young children where she developed a passion for working with kids. For more than 15 years Patricia has been working as a lead teacher in early childhood education with children ages 6 weeks to 4 years of age. Patricia says that no matter what the age group, or the location, she just loves teaching kids. She really feels blessed to have the opportunity to work with young children. Patricia loves to encourage the kids to be creative by doing art projects with them. She says having the opportunity to watch children learn and grow is one of the best parts of her life. In her spare time Patricia enjoys reading, playing games and listening to music. She attended Knox College for 2 years in Jamaica where she studied early childhood education. She has also taken a course in business management in adult education. Patricia has attended 120 hours of training classes in early childhood education where she gained her Child Development Associate credential (CDA). Patricia has also attended 40 hours of the early childhood Directors training network.

Patricia’s favorite children’s book: “The Little Engine that Could”


Ms. Shequila is from Wisconsin and enjoys teaching awesome little learners. She has been teaching for over five years.  Ms. Shequila has been the lead teacher in toddler classrooms and she loves this age group. Being able to watch children grow and development in so many different ways is a pleasure of hers. She feels that helping to nurture and guide children as they transition each day is rewarding as a caregiver, mom and teacher. In addition, Ms. Shequila loves to be creative in the way she teaches while she introduces new concepts to toddlers. She is currently studying early education and has formerly studied at Marian University of Wisconsin. She has obtained her CDA.

Shequila’s favorite children’s book: “If You Give a Mouse a Cookie”


Staci is our Opening Supervisor and she has worked as a substitute teacher in Kindergarten-5th grade, and as a Summer Club Lead Teacher in the State of Washington. Prior to that, she was a substitute teacher for K-12 grades in Pennsylvania. She was also a substitute teacher for preschool aged children, and spent several years as a Sunday School teacher in New York. Her decision to pursue a career in education is a result to her sincere desire to make a positive impact on the life of children. Her teaching philosophy is to help every child become a self-confident, effective, imaginative, lifelong learner by encouraging appropriate behaviors in a positive and safe environment.

Staci’s favorite children’s book: “If You Give A Mouse a Cookie”


Subricca teaches Preschool and Private Pre-K. She has been teaching young children for over six years. Her heart is with that age group because she says that the educational journey starts with them, and she is thankful that she can be a part at the start of that important journey. Subricca has always dreamed of being a teacher and is grateful to have made it her reality. Her passion comes from her students’ smiles each day, and from past students and parents. She says that it is a great feeling when former students call and tell her how they are doing in “big school” and when parents provide her with motivating words of encouragement. Her favorite part of the day is Outside / Center time because she loves seeing students interact with one another. Subricca says it is indeed a joy to see them use their imaginations, which she encourages on a daily basis. She is an advocate for parent involvement, and believes that students have a higher chance of succeeding in their educational journey when parents are actively involved. She has observed that the earlier the involvement, the better students are with academics, behavior, social, and emotional skills.

Subricca’s favorite children’s book: “Where the Wild Things Are”


Summer teaches infants at Mt. Elizabeth Academy. She has worked with children for many years and has worked with infants for three years. Summer finds passion in arriving in the mornings and seeing a smile on the children’s faces as they run up to her with hugs! These are the little things that make her love working with children! Summer is currently attending college for a degree in Occupational Therapy. She is getting married this fall and has two loving dogs. Her favorite part of the school day is art. She loves doing art with children, the parents also enjoy it too.

Summer’s favorite children’s book: “The Kissing Hand” by Audrey Penn”


Taryn is the assistant teacher in the Toddler 2 class, as well as the Spanish teacher for Toddlers and Pre K. She has been working in childcare for two years. She loves seeing the kids learn and apply what they have learned in, and outside the classroom. Her favorite part of the day is when the kids get to play outside and enjoy the weather. Taryn likes trying new things and loves enjoying at the beach.

Taryn’s favorite children’s book: “Horton Hears a Who and Oh, The Places You’ll Go”