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Fine Arts Room is Open

We can’t get enough Art, Drama, Music, Yoga… We are excited to announce the addition of a new, dedicated Fine Arts Room. As part of our enhancement to the schedule, we have decided...

Financial Planning for Your Baby’s College Years

One day you’re bringing your new little bundle of joy home from the hospital, the next day they’re off to kindergarten and the day after that they a re off to college. Okay, it’s not quite that...
Research Based Early Learning Programs

Research Based Early Learning Programs

When choosing a center for their children, parents take different characteristics into account.  Clearly, safety and a loving environment are paramount. However, the research is clear that a...

Partner with your Preschool!

You Are Your Preschool’s Best Partner As a parent with a child in preschool—or who’s considering enrolling your child in preschool—hopefully you don’t think of preschool as simply a daycare...

Unlocking the Power of Your Preschooler’s Brain

Unlocking the Power of Your Preschooler’s Brain Advancements in neurological research are revealing the hidden might of young minds.  When it comes to how we educate children, these insights are...

When Do Children Learn The Most?

When Do Children Learn the Most? From the first moments of your child’s life, she is learning.  Everything she sees, hears, touches, tastes, and smells teach her a little more about her world.  At...

Preschool Instruction: Our Focus on Mathematics

Preschool Instruction: Our Focus on Mathematics Your children’s grasp of the world around them begins with their understanding of the basic building blocks of the natural world.  Perhaps no...

Preschool Instruction: Our Focus on Science

Preschool Instruction: Our Focus on Science Your children were born to investigate the science all around them. Each day brings new experiments, new reactions, and new information to gather and...

Retina Ready

When hovering over gadget’s screen, you will see lense effect. This is how  TRX Lence shortcode works. You can use it to design different visual effects: zoom, blur, sharpness, desaturation etc.

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