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M-F 6:30 AM to 6:30 PM
Ages 3yrs-4yrs
Must be fully potty trained

At Mt. Elizabeth Academy, our Preschool Program provides a fun and loving environment for all of our children. We understand the value of play in the lives of young children. Through play, children develop cognitive, physical, social, and emotional wellbeing. We create a safe environment for children to take the next steps that can encourage growth and all aspects of their development. As children play, interact, problem solve, create, and form communities, they learn. Literacy, science, and math are explored daily with hands-on experiences.

Throughout the year the children work on important tasks such as helping during clean-up (we encourage children to take an active role in caring for the classroom environment and materials), circle time and becoming independent in the bathroom (washing hands and learning to potty). The classroom is a fun, creative, safe, and positive learning environment. It’s full of play and opportunity for children to discover what they love about life and enjoy about learning. The teachers help the children transition toward more independence and self-care, from side-by-side play to playing one-on-one or in small groups. They learn to be confident when away from home, and feel secure to be themselves as they mature and investigate their world.

Through play and shared dialogue, we encourage children to express their own individuality as well as appreciate the unique traits of others. Key focus areas for preschoolers are:

  • Appreciation
  • Cooperation
  • Creativity
  • Confidence
  • Curiosity
  • Integrity
  • Independence
  • Respect

Preschool Highlights

Mt. Elizabeth Academy Preschoolers graduate this program with a strong sense of independence and academic awareness. Assistance with continued potty training is important. Children have gained the independence of being in small and large group activities, such as read-a-loud stories, circle time, art activities and interactive centers. Preschoolers are able to honor and be inspired by the incredible connections that they can infer about the objects, actions, and people in the world around them. Our teachers have harnessed the energy of learning to create a focused, engaging environment in which children are poised to thrive.

Preschoolers continually interact and socialize with each other throughout their homeroom activities as well as their specials classes.  Delving deeper into sharing and caring is an essential part of our preschool program.

The teachers are nurturing and committed caregivers. This ensures the preschoolers are in a safe and loving environment. The thematic focus in the curriculum helps to provide the preschoolers with multiple opportunities to explore and absorb information, develop their five senses, and grow both physically and mentally.

Parents are involved throughout the day with pictures, videos and messages from the teachers using our secure Brightwheel App.  Our parents love our seeing their preschooler throughout the day and knowing that they are in a loving, caring, and supportive environment.

Two healthy and nutritious meals, as well as two snacks, are included in the cost of tuition. The monthly menu is available online and given to our families at the beginning of the month. The toddlers are welcome to eat breakfast, lunch, and snacks with their class.  During mealtime, the teacher serves appropriate servings to the preschoolers as they eat family style with their friends. Whole milk and water are served with meals and snacks.

Children building a foundation for the future at Mt. Elizabeth Academy

Preschool Room

Our rooms are equipped with preschool-sized tables and chairs, pillows in the book corners, shelves with appropriate toys as well as academic and sensory activities. Each child has their own cubby for personal items and a naptime cot with a sheet and blanket. Parents provide water bottles, diapers/pull-ups, wipes, and extra clothes as needed.

Our Preschool room offers preschool-specific reading, math, science & sensory, and pretend play learning centers. The preschool classrooms have doors leading to our outside courtyard to enable easy access to our beautiful outdoor space. Age-appropriate bathrooms are included in each classroom.

A Typical Day at Mt. Elizabeth Academy for Preschool Students

The First Hour:

The children are welcomed as they arrive and are given the opportunity to choose activities at the various learning centers.  This self-directed play invites the children to explore, discover and learn independently with a wide variety of activities and materials.  The learning centers include painting, playdough, blocks, puzzles, drawing, water or sand play, dress-up, dramatic areas, books, floor toys and more.

Breakfast Time:

Children wash their hands and join their friends for breakfast. The teachers serve a nutritious breakfast to all the children.  Healthy food choices are given to the children such as fruit, vegetables, cereals. (peanut free). The children enjoy milk and water.  We do not serve juice.

Circle Time:

Following a clean-up routine, the children meet on the carpet for Circle Time. A variety of activities are included which reflect the monthly routines. The activities include stories, songs, puppetry, poems, movement, art, crafts discussions and many other ideas to facilitate learning. Circle time concentrates on 5 areas of development: Language, Literacy, Fine & Gross Motor, Sensory & Science, and Cognitive Learning.

Outdoor/Indoor Playtime:

If the weather allows, the children have an active, outdoor play session in our park-like playgrounds.  In case of inclement weather, the teachers incorporate gross-motor play through movement activities in our gymnasium, such as dancing, marching, parachute play and more active games.

Lunch/Nap Time/Afternoon Snack:

Catered lunch is delivered to the classrooms.  The teachers then serve the meal family style.  During this time the teachers stay next to the children and observe encourage their eating habits.  Once lunch is finished, the children have their own individual cot on which they rest.  Clean cot sheets and blankets are provided.  After the children have rested and wake up, each child is given a healthy snack to start their afternoon.

Outdoor/Indoor Play & Story Time:

After snack time, the children have gross motor play time. The teachers take time to read stories, do finger plays, puppets and have interactive sessions with the children. During this time, children also engage in indoor out outdoor play, depending on the weather.

Fine Arts:

The children enjoy Music, Art, Drama, PE & Yoga throughout the week, not only in their homerooms but during their “Specials Class” in the afternoon.


In addition to this daily schedule, the teachers incorporate special activities like Bible Class, Chapel Class, Spanish, field trips to our nature trail, and Show and Tell. Parents are always invited to volunteer and participate in the classrooms as well as join us on field trips to our onsite nature trail.

Mt. Elizabeth Benefits

We are a Christian, faith-based private school.
Specials included with tuition:

Faith based private school
  • STEAM Focus
  • Art
  • Music
  • Chapel & Bible Class
  • Holiday Celebrations
  • Sensory materials
  • Four dedicated developmentally-appropriate playgrounds
  • On-site nature trails allow ample opportunity for safe outdoor explorations
  • Indoor gymnasium lets kids exercise and play on every day of the year, regardless of the weather
  • An engaging and rewarding curriculum, designed by our on-site Academic Director
  • Mt. Elizabeth Academy’s leadership team has over 60 years of combined school leadership experience.